Why Turnkey PCB Assembly is A Must?
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Why Turnkey PCB Assembly is A Must?

Indeed, the computer is still considered the greatest invention of mankind that has simply revolutionized the way humans work. A computer is an intricate machine that has been made with a consortium of components. Every component on the computer has a significant role that sustains its quality and performance. PCB or printed circuit board is one such important component that comprises all the circuits.


PCB Assembly is referred to the process of assembly of the PCB components. It does require not only the knowledge of PCB components but also the PCB design and fabrication. The assembling of the circuit board is only one piece of the big puzzle that helps in delivering the perfect final product. There are plenty of leading PCB turnkey solutions that help in PCB fabrication and assembly.


What is Turnkey PCB Assembly?

Turnkey is referred to as a product or service that is ready for immediate buyers’ use. In the context of PCB assembly, it implies that the supplier will take care of the PCB product’s process. An internet cloud-based software and PCB manufacturers are used by turnkey PCB assembly to get the PCB done quickly and cost-efficiently. Turnkey PCB assembly solution comes in handy to focus on the PCB designing process as the assembly is completely taken care of by the supplier. It is the best medium to cut cost and avail similar quality assembly for small businesses.

There are different services included in the PCN turnkey assembly services that differ according to the customers’ needs. Some of the standard services are mentioned below:

  • PCB Prototype
  • Box Build
  • High Volume PCBA
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipment to the Customer

What Are The ABCs of Turnkey PCB Assembly?

PCB turnkey assembly goes through different stages before reaching the final stage. Here are the steps of PCB assembly via manufacturing:

  • Parts sourcing
  • Design assistance
  • Stringent assembly
  • Testing the board
  • Creating a prototype
  • Obsolescence management
  • After delivery services

Turnkey PCB assembly accommodates all these services into a single contract.

What Are The Benefits of Turnkey PCB Assembly?

Here are some of the best reasons why you must think about the turnkey PCB assembly.

Lesser Production Time

It is always better to have everything streamlined. If you contact a reputable manufacturer, you can get shorter production times with regard to assembly. It is the best way to speed up things. There will be limited production channels, component sourcing will be more comfortable, and lesser transportation time.

Fewer Errors

If you are planning to use multiple companies to get your PCB assembly done, you can definitely expect errors in terms of communication and compatibility. The turnkey PCB assembly is primarily meant to reduce the errors and make things accurate for you. Errors in PCB assembly can be detrimental, so using a turnkey solution is the best way to go about it.


The significant benefit that emphasizes the need for turnkey PCB assembly is its cost-efficiency. You don’t have to bear any transportation or shipping fee, thereby reducing the cost of getting your PCB assembled. Efficiency and cost savings are mutually beneficial for the company and business.

You cannot ignore the prominence of PCB assembly and the importance it holds in the technical field. That’s why you need to choose the best solution. Always choose PCB turnkey assembly to get a high-quality result at a lesser cost.