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We supply a wide range of PCBs, including rigid PCBs, flex PCBs, metal based PCBs…

Experienced employees, state-of-the-art technologies, professional appliances and used quality management system ISO 9001:2000 ensure that the services offered by the company are at the highest global level.

Viasion supply a wide range of PCB technologies; please refer to Our PCB production capability as following:

Items Capabilities
FR4 material: FR4, High TG FR4, Halogen free FR4, high speed FR4
Polymide material: Dupont Pyralux AP/TK series, Panasonic “FELIOS” series
Metal based material: Aluminum based, Copper based,  special alloys based,
Laird 1KA04,1KA06, Bergquist MP06503, HT0450
Microwave & RF material: Rogers RO4350, RO4003, RO3003, RT/duroid, Arlon 85N, 33N,
Nelco N4000-13, Panasonic Megtron 4,Megtron 6,
Taconic RF35, TUC TU872, EMC EM827
Layers counts: 1-40 layers
Board thickness: 0.13-7.0mm
max. board size: 21×59 inch
blind/buried vias: mechanical drill, laser drill, stacked vias available
HDI: i+N+i(i>=1),epoxy fill, copper fill,electrochemical plating
Surface treatment: HAL with lead, lead free HAL, flash gold, ENIG, immersion silver,
immersion tin, OSP, hard gold plating, hard gold connector,
ENEPIG, peelable mask, carbon ink, silver ink
max. Aspect ratio: Max aspect ratio: 16:1(drill >=0.2mm)
min. drill position tolerance: ±2mil
PTH tolerance: ±3mil
press fit hole tolerance: ±2mil
NPTH tolerance: ±2mil
min. drill: mechanical drill: 0.15mm; laser drill: 0.1mm
back drill size: 0.5-6.5mm
slot tolerance: ±0.15mm
min. pad for laser drill: 10mil
min. pad for mechanical drill: 14mil
BGA pad: >=7mil
min. PAD tolerance:   +5%;  -10%
layer to layer misalignment: <= 5mil
board thickness tolerance: board thickness<= 1.0mm: ±0.1mm
board thickness>1.0mm: ±10%
special(no layup requirement):thickness <= 2.0mm ±0.1mm;
thickness 2.1-3.0 ±0.15mm
impedance tolerance: ±5Ω(<50Ω),±10%(>= 50Ω);>=50Ω max.±5%
outline tolerance: ±0.13mm, max. +/-0.1mm
outline position tolerance: ±0.1mm
bow & twist: 0.7%, max.0.1%
max. inner layer cu thickness: 10 OZ
max. inner layer cu thickness: 15OZ
min prepreg thickness: 2mil(0.5oz copper)
min silkscreen width and height: width: 4mil; height: 20mil
min. inner radius: 0.3mm
min.V-CUT angle tolerance: ±5°
min.V-CUT symmetry tolerance: ±4mil
min.V-CUT remaince tolerance: ±4mil
min solder mask dam: 4mil(green),5mil(other color)(base cu<=1OZ)
(cu thickness 2-4OZ,need 6mil)
solder mask color: green, black, blue, red, white, grey, purple
silkscreen color: white, black, yellow,green
min chamfer angle tolerance: ±5°
min chamfer remaince tolerance: ±5mil
Max. e-testing voltage: 500V
Max. e-testing current: 200mA