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Company Profile

Viasion Technology Co. Ltd is a full service EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) contract manufacturer in China that provides small to medium volume PCB fabrication and electronic manufacturing services.
Established in 2007 Viasion have two manufacturing locations in Shenzhen, China with 40,000 square foot facility totally. In our PCB facility, we produce conventional rigid PCBs, rigid-flex PCBs, microwave & RF PCBs, metal core PCBs, blind/buried via PCB etc. in different surface such as: lead free HAL, immersion gold, immersion silver, immersion tin, OSP, hard gold plating, carbon ink and blue mask. In our EMS facility, we can do plated thru-hole assembly, SMT assembly including BGA assembly, turnkey box build, supply chain management, project management, new product introduction, testing and product development.

We fully understand quality is the foundation of a company for long term existing and developing, so quality always comes first for us. Quality, we think it not only means the quality of the products, but also means the service quality, such as on time delivery and quick response. At Viasion, we believe that customer encompasses more than just the products we provide. “Total Customer Satisfaction” is our goal and it is the core of Viasion’s operation. Procurement, sales, accounting, engineering, manufacturing, inventory, and quality have the same common goal of ensuring directly or indirectly “Total Customer Satisfaction”.

Our client base includes startups, mid-sized companies, and big corporations worldwide serving the consumer, multimedia, communication, computer, industrial, testing, automotive, medical and military markets. 

Mission & Vision

Our Vision:

To be our customer’s most valued and trusted partner.

Our Mission:
  • To be trustful partner of our customers through excellent products and customer services
  • To help our employee to achieve their personal values
  • To contribute to society
Our Values:

Endeavor, Developing, Win-Win, Learning, Honesty, Responsibility

Executive Profiles

Ross Feng

Founder and CEO

Ross is the founder and CEO of Viasion Technology Co., Ltd. Ross has more than 14 years of experience in the PCB industry.  He started his PCB career in a sales position in 2004 working for Yantat PCB Co., Ltd which is one of the best PCB factories in China. In this time he gained extensive knowledge of PCB fabrication, engineering, quality and customer service.

In 2007, he founded Viasion with a small group of professionals, specializing in small to medium PCB supplying. As CEO he successfully led Viasion through the strategic consolidations of 2 factories in the PCB fabrication and assembly sector, and achieved continuously growth since the foundation.

His responsibilities include corporate development, enhancement of expertise, strategic planning, and also solidify the company’s core values: Endeavor, Developing, Win-Win, Learning, Honesty and Responsibility. 


Kitty Luo

Operations Manager

Kitty has over 14 year of experience within the printed circuit board industry. She joined Viasion as planning manager in 2008, and got a promotion of operations manager in 2013.
She is responsible for managing the entire supply chain, to ensure that orders are started, confirmed, and shipped out in time for the customer's ship dates. Additionally she oversees Viasion's customer service, planning, and engineering teams to verify a seamless transition for all orders from the time of quote to final production. Kitty also works closely with senior management and sales to develop pricing and delivery strategies that help the team reach the revenue targets.


July Lee

Operations Manager

July is the PCB CAM engineer manager for Viasion Technology Co., Ltd. July has over 15 years’ experience PCB industry. He began his career at Yantat PCB Co., Ltd where he spent seven years in CAM engineer department. He joint Viasion in 2010 as the CAM department manager. His main responsibility is auditing the CAM team to make sure the any design problems in customers’ files are found and corrected, also make sure the PCB files can meet customer’s requirement and also our manufacturing capability. His responsibilities include advising on PCB specifications and design, finalising PCB design, advise customers on their needs and offer full service eg. cost cutting.

With his passion in electronic filed, he attended lessons of electronics in his spare time, and also gained extensive knowledge of PCB assembly by learning in the assembly line.


Benson Zhou

Senior Electronics Engineer

Benson is a senior electronics engieer in Viasion Technology Co., Ltd. Benson has over 14 years’ experience PCB and electronic industry. He used to be a senior engineer of tablet PCB, he is extremely experinced in parts chosing, trouble shooting, cost down advice etc. 

His responsibilities include:
Skilled in testing and modifying electronic equipment
Extensive experience in researching and designing electronic products
Strong ability to identify and solve complex issues
Knowledge of electrical safety standards
Familiar with the IPC criteria and standards
Expert in testing and installing equipment
Remarkable communication, interpersonal and organizational skills.


Tim Liu

Quality Assurance Manager 

Tim is the Quality Assurance Manager for Viasion Technology Co., Ltd. Tim has over 10 years’ experience in PCB industry. He is very familiar with IPC standards and very experienced in quality inspection of bare PCBs and also assembled PCBs. He joined Viasion in 2015 as the quality assurance department manager.
His responsibilities include quality determining, negotiating and agreeing on in-house quality procedures, standards and specifications, assessing customer requirements and ensuring that these are met, analyzing the rout cause and find out corrective actions when there is any quality complaint, and also train and lead the QA team. 


Kay Pan

Marketing Manager

Kay has been in PCB industry for 8 years and has been a valuable team member at Viasion for over 6 years. As Viasion's Marketing Manager, Kay leads the sales team to meet the sales strategy and also directs communications within the customer service team to ensure proper decision making in interactions with customers.
She works closely with customers and the planning and logistics department on pricing, order entries, and delivery. She also trains the sales team on proper procedures for customer development, price quoting, order entries, and communications with customers. 

Factory at a Glance


Industry Served

Our PCBs are used in very wide area, including but not limited in communications, computer, consumer, automotive, storage, industry, medical, military and testing area.

Traditional telecommunication equipment, FTTP, VOIP, multimedia services, data networking and IT infrastructure products, wireless infrastructure products, power amplifiers, splitters and combiners, high power transistors, etc.

Computer Peripherals
High end printers, cable modem, wireless routers, IP telephones, consumer and office products, banking system etc.

Computers, televisions, cameras, digital video recorders (DVR), handheld products, LED, etc.

Passenger safety systems, engine control systems, air bags, traction control products, etc.

High End Computing and Storage
High performance computer and server, mainframe system and storage equipment, memory, etc.

Power supply, main control panel, monitor, CCTV products, automotive control equipment, industry robot, access control products etc.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), emergency response defibrillation units, patient monitoring, implantable devices, robotic surgery systems, biometrics and diagnostic equipment, etc.

Satellite, radar, airplane, control unit, communication equipment .etc.

Test & Measurement
Power meters, electricity tester, thermal tester, light tester, network tester, gas and oil tester, infrared products, semi-conductor test equipment, DUT and probe cards, wafer inspection systems, etc.

Quality Policy

We fully understand quality is the foundation of a company for long term existing and developing, so quality always comes first for us. Our factories have gained ISO 9001 and UL certifications (E358677), and we are continuously investing more equipment and staff to improve the quality. The following reliability tests will be implemented to make sure high levels of reliability.

Reliability Test  for PCBs
  • DFM Check
  • 100% Electrical Test and AOI inspections
  • 100% Visual Defects Inspection(including warp & twist check)
  • Dimensional Inspection (finished hole sizes, PCB profiles, etc)
  • 100% AOI Dimensional Inspection if required, with +/-0.05mm tolerance
  • Microsection
  • Solderability Test (245±5℃; 3-5 sec)
  • Thermal Test (288±5℃; 10 sec. inspect delamination, etc)
  • Tape Test (adhesion test)
  • Peel Test (conductor peel strength)
  • Impedance Test
  • Ionic Contamination Test
  • Inspect to IPC-A-600 Class 2 and IPC Class 3 
Reliability Test for PCB Assembly
  • DFM Check
  • 100%  AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
  • 100% components inspection
  • 100% Visual Defects Inspection
  • X-ray for BGA assembly
  • ICT (In-circuit Test)
  • FCT (Functional Test)
  • Inspect to IPC-A-610 Class 2 and IPC Class 3
  • New and Original ICs Guarantee


Quality, we think it not only means the quality of the products, but also means the service quality, such as on time delivery, quick response etc. So, on the one hand, we have bought more equipment to inspect our PCBs to avoid defective boards shipped out, on the other hand, we use more staff to plan and follow the products, and reply customers quickly for RFQ, feedbacks on quality, price etc.

We focus on becoming PARTNERS of our customers, rather than only SUPPLIER.

Our Quality Certificates

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 13485:2016
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • UL E358677                                                         




                                                                                       UL: E358677   






Environmental Policy

Viasion is committed to conducting its business in an environmentally responsible manner.

Viasion will comply with all international and local environmental laws and regulations applicable to its operations, will manage its activities to prevent environmental pollution; will introduce “green” materials and “pollution-free” facilities/technologies in its operation to minimize the effects of its products and production process to the environment, will communicate its commitment to environmental policy to its employees, vendors, partners and customers.

What Our Client Says

We are pleased to share with you some comments we have received from previous clients: