Benefits Of PCB Turnkey Assembly
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Benefits Of PCB Turnkey Assembly

PCB assembly is defined as a process that needs knowledge about PCB components, assembly and printed circuit board design. The term ‘Turnkey’ indicated a product or service which is ready for use immediately. And when it is used with PCB assembly, this means that the service provider will take care of all aspects of a particular PCB project.

It leverages a cloud-based software as well as PCB developers to create printed circuit boards efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively. It also extends companies a way to acquire printed circuit boards with the lead times as short as possible. A comprehensive turnkey solution include:

  • High volume PCB
  • PCB prototypes
  • Box build
  • Inventory management
  • Delivery to the end-users

Benefits of PCB Turnkey Assembly

Let’s understand the benefits of PCB turnkey assembly:

  • Assembly in High or Low Volume

Efficient turnkey suppliers offer the flexibility of amalgamating different small orders and turning it a large one. Once the design is perfected, the suppliers will be able to provide you with as many printed circuit boards as you require for your project. The implementation of cloud software allows manufacturers to efficiently manage orders of different sizes to serve the customers with utmost convenience.

  • Efficient Management

When you associate with a turnkey PCB supplier, all you need to do is manage one vendor. This can save you the inefficiencies caused by miscommunications and delays with various vendors. Typically, with a turnkey PCB supplier, you will only have one single point of contact. And, this makes it easier for you to communicate your changes with regards to the projects.

You will also be getting only one bill, thereby eliminating the need to hassle with multiple billings. Turnkey solutions are especially advantageous when you are looking to develop prototype PCBs as this process can be slow and expensive as it is.

  • A Wide Range Of Services

One of the prominent benefits of turnkey solutions is that you get a whole assortment of services in one package. Most PCB turnkey suppliers offer added services that may be convenient for the customer’s project. They might offer more than one manufacturing and assembly. Clients may also get inventory as well as shipping services. This allows customers to ship the material, check the inventory and develop customized products.

  • Reduction in Costs

When you have a turnkey contract, there is no additional cost to offer freight to an assembly workshop. This implies you save a considerable amount of money. Turnkey solutions also have good working relationships with component manufacturers and can always get a better deal for different product prices.

  • Better Identification Of Issues

One of the time and money-saving benefits of turnkey PCB assembly solutions is the ability to identify potential errors prior to the circuit boards being added into the products. You provide the supplier with a netlist file. So before the assembly starts, the supplier checks to ensure the specifications align with the application and identify any issues that may surface. And if there are any errors, the team get the opportunity to make the necessary corrections and avoid hassle after the assembly, which can be costly and arduous.

Final Thoughts

There you have it some of the amazing benefits that you get from PCB turnkey assembly. Make sure you research well and choose a credible and reliable supplier that can cater to your needs.