Benefits And Applications Of Metal Core PCB Fabrication
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Benefits And Applications Of Metal Core PCB Fabrication

With the advent of the electronic revolution, electrical products are now an indispensable part of human lives. PCB is an important component in most electrical devices. Metal Core PCBs (MCPCBs) is one of the most widely used variations of PCB. The fabrication of the metal core PCBs is done with a metal base material. The core helps to redirect the heat away from the components in the MCPCBs.

The metal plate of MCPCBs is intended for LED-based Solid State Lighting and in other devices that need to dissipate heat. This metal core can either be of aluminum, copper, or a mixture of several alloys. Metal Core PCBs which have an aluminum core are the most common variation.

Metal Core PCB manufacturer solves the problem of dissipating the thermal loss from devices using metal core PCBs. The benefits and applications of Metal Core PCB fabrication are listed below.

Benefits Of Metal Core PCB Fabrication

The development in the LED industry is exponential. As the demand for high-power LED lighting is increasing, it also poses the problem of heat dissipation. The mounting of LEDs on printed circuit boards can create issues of thermal loss in the circuit. This can cause a problem in the performance of the devices which run on high-power.

When a metal core is implemented in the PCBs, it can solve the problem of heat dissipation. Metal Core PCB Fabrication is done with the help of thermal insulating layers, metal plates, and copper foils. The structure of PCB consists of a solder mask, circuit layer, a copper layer, dielectric layer, and metalcore layer.

The Metal Core PCB Fabrication incorporates the dielectric polymer layer with a high thermal conductivity layer. Hence, the Metal Core PCB Fabrication ensures that the equipment remains cool for a longer duration, increasing its productivity.

Applications Of Metal Core PCB Fabrication

Metal Core PCB Fabrication is extensively used in LED lighting devices. This fabrication is ideal for those devices which generate a lot of heat. Some of the other applications in which Metal Core PCB Fabrication finds use is:

· LED- General lighting and backlight unit

· Automotive Systems: Motor control in the Electric/Hybrid automobiles

· Motor drives

· Solid-state relays

· Power supply devices and convertors: voltage/switching regulators, DC-DC Converters, industrial, telecom, and high voltage regulators

· Solar panels, Photovoltaic Cells

· Street Safety: streetlights and other such lightings

· Motion control

The use of metalcore has several advantages. As the conductivity increases with the use of a metal core, the process of heat transfer becomes faster. The metal cores which use aluminum is lighter in weight than ceramics. Metals are non-toxic by nature and can be recycled easily.

To Conclude:

In the devices which are operated on high-power, heat dissipation intervenes in the performance of these electronic devices. With the implementation of Metal Core PCB Fabrication in these applications, this problem can be solved. The metal core diverts the heat for the crucial components of the circuit board to less critical areas.